Reading List

My work deals with Cities, Citizenship & Democracy. This is a tentative reading list that I have complied, at the moment it only lists books that I need to look at, eventually I will also incorporate other literary sources into the list.

Amin, Massey, and Thrift, Cities for the many not the few.

Castells, The city and the grassroots: a cross-cultural theory of urban social movements.

Castells, City, class, and power.

Castells, The urban question: a Marxist approach.

Castells and Susser, The Castells reader on cities and social theory.

Chatterjee, The Politics of the Governed: Reflections on Popular Politics in Most of the World.

Davis, Planet of slums.

Certeau, The practice of everyday life.

Desai, State formation and radical democracy in India.

Diamond, The spirit of democracy: the struggle to build free societies throughout the world.

Diamond, Linz, and Lipset, Politics in developing countries: comparing experiences with democracy.

Diamond, Linz, and Lipset, Democracy in developing countries.

Diamond and Plattner, Capitalism, socialism, and democracy revisited.

Diamond and Plattner, The global resurgence of democracy.

Elden, Understanding Henri Lefebvre: theory and the possible.

Fainstein, The just city.

Hall and Pfeiffer, Urban future 21: a global agenda for twenty-first century cities.

Hamdi, Small change: about the art of practice and the limits of planning in cities.

Hamdi and Handal, Urban futures: economic growth and poverty reduction.

Harvey, Justice, nature, and the geography of difference.

Harvey, Social justice and the city.

Harvey, Rebel cities : from the right to the city to the urban revolution.

Harvey, The urban experience.

Holston, The Modernist City: An Anthropological Critique of Brasília.

Holston, Insurgent Citizenship Disjunctions of Democracy and Modernity in Brazil.

Hubbard, Kitchin, and Valentine, Key thinkers on space and place.

Lefebvre, The urban revolution.

Lefebvre, The production of space.

Lefebvre, Brenner, and Elden, State, space, world : selected essays.

Lefebvre, Kofman, and Lebas, Writings on cities.

Merrifield, Henri Lefebvre : a critical introduction.

Merrifield, Magical Marxism : subversive politics and the imagination.

Merrifield, Metromarxism ; a Marxist tale of the city.

Merrifield, Swyngedouw, and Harvey, “The urbanization of injustice”.

Mitchell, The right to the city : social justice and the fight for public space.

Mukhija, Squatters as developers? : slum redevelopment in Mumbai.

Ness and Azzellini, Ours to master and to own : workers’ control from the commune to the present.

Peattie, Thinking about development.

Peattie, The view from the barrio.

Perlman, Favela : four decades of living on the edge in Rio de Janeiro.

Purcell, Recapturing Democracy: Neoliberalization and the Struggle for Alternative Urban Futures.

Roy and AlSayyad, Urban Informality: Transnational Perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America, and South Asia.

Roy, City requiem, Calcutta : gender and the politics of poverty.

Roy and Ong, Worlding cities : Asian experiments and the art of being global.

Shiva, India divided : diversity and democracy under attack.

Soja, Postmetropolis : critical studies of cities and regions.

Soto and Instituto Libertad y Democracia Lima, The other path : the invisible revolution in the Third World.




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