As an Indian architect, urban designer and researcher working in one of the fastest growing economies in the world, my interest in urban design and planning stems from my formative years spent in Chandigarh. Further inspired by the theory and writings of Michel Foucault, Henri Lefebvre, and Antonio Gramsci, I understand space as a socio-cultural construct and am compelled to further study and interpret unique spatial expressions of suppressed democracy in cities controlled by hegemonic planning policies.  I have always been intrigued by cities; how different and unique each city is; its individuality and character, each offering a myriad of experiential spaces that provide for and nurture its inhabitants. I am currently enrolled as student in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D program in Urban Design & Planning at UW.

This blog is an assemblage of my daily ramblings and reactions to things I read and come across everyday.

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    We need to use a few photographs on your website for our magazine. We will give you due credit for the photographs.

    Please reach me on

    Imran Mirza

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