An Open Letter To The Filmmaker : मैं जा चुकी हूँ

I recently saw “Highway” and have struggled to put into words why I found the movie so powerful. The author of this letter does a good job of expressing some of what I felt. While I have been lucky enough not to have the same traumas in my childhood, I have suffered abuse in other ways and it does something to you. It shuts you down in ways that are difficult to explain. Also, I think some of why I felt Veera’s pain so deeply was because I have only just begun to understand that the feeling of being trapped and suffocated that I have felt intermittently came from the struggle to be free- be free of social expectations, of inhibitions, of external definitions of self. Someone mentioned recently that they have struggled all their life to be seen as a human being, not as a woman but as a human being. That’s what we all are first. But somewhere you stop seeing yourself as that, and so does everyone else. You become your relationships. Which are important but not the only thing you are.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I’d recommend you see it…..with an open mind.

F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b

Today morning, we were discussing reviews versus blogs. It started with a personal and candid post (Dad, We’re In Nebraska) by Rahul Desai. If you have seen Nebraska, do read it. It’s a strange feeling when you can identify your life with a film. And sometimes, it’s liberating in more ways than one. Today evening, we received another personal piece by @kuhukuro. This one is about Highway. An honest, brave, and candid open letter to the filmmaker whose film had an impact on her as it mirrors her life. Do read.


Dear Imtiaz,

I am not a film critic, nor can I boast of being very cinema-savvy. But I have been insane enough to source my philosophies from cinematic moments. Films have been thriving territories for epiphanies. Highway comes at a point in my life when I am delving in the art of being ruthlessly…

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