Squatting Rights!

Terra Urban टेरा अर्बन

In India, 1,600 children die every day before reaching their fifth birthday, 24% of girls drop out of school and more than 30% of marginalized women are violently assaulted every year as the lack of basic sanitation forces them to travel long distances to meet their needs. Above all, lack of sanitation is not a symptom of poverty but a major contributing factor.

Adequate sanitation is a basic human right. Its lack is related to, and exacerbates, other burdens of inequity experienced by marginalized urban households, deepening the cycle of poverty. The lack of sanitation increases living costs, decreases spend on education and nutrition, lowers income earning potential, and threatens safety and welfare. This is especially true for urban India.

A parliamentary panel set up by the Ministry of Urban Development recently revealed that cities across India severely lack accessible sanitation facilities and necessary connections across the sanitation chain. Several…

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