Top 10 ways to annoy your PhD supervisors

I just read this post by a Ph.D. supervisor or what we in the States call “advisor”…….most of it is common sense. I would admit that I fault on point 1 and 2 but mostly on 2 often!!
I think for a lot of us its about being able to send in work to your advisor that you think needs more work. I default on deadlines because I find it extremely hard to show work that is not A+ in my opinion. Its a habit that I am finding very hard to break out of .

Nick Hopwood


I should start this post by saying very clearly that what follows is by no means a comment on the many fantastic students I work with and have worked with. I should also be clear that this does not reflect official policy of UTS: it reflects my personal views and is deliberately provocative at times.

The title is a little flippant: this isn’t just about (not) annoying your supervisors, but about the broader and crucial issue of maintaining health supervisory relationships, and making the most out of what supervision has to offer. As you’ll see if you read on, successful doctoral candidature is also about being part of a wider institution and realising that doctoral education and support is much more than supervision.

This is written from the voice of your supervisor, and some points may be more relevant in social sciences and humanities, but most should be worth…

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