“Their reading of corruption if wrong”– Amartya Sen

Team Anna’s reading of corruption is wrong: Amartya Sen – Shows – Face The Nation – ibnlive.

In this interview, Amartya Sen talks about a number of things, I particularly agree with his reading of the Anna Hazare movement. I agree that the movement’s reading of corruption is a little superficial, but at the same time I think that the movement in itself is a good step. At least its brought to the fore the problem of corruption and the fact that many of us feel helpless against it. Like Sen, I don’t particularly agree with their methods, there is a very strong possibility that Hazare will become the boy who cried “wolf”.

In the interview I think that Sen is trying to get at a very important question– What causes corruption? Its not just government officials that are corrupt, in some ways its the entire system, a system that we are all part of. And as he points out, its a system that rewards corruption. I wish he had elaborated on this more.

Amartya Sen’s interview

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