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In the middle of an unbelievably hot winter, the excitement of an India-West Indies test series, and the birth of a future eye candy came this shocker of a news.

The airline of good times, owned by the king of good times, Kingfisher Airlines, is..well, crashing. That too pretty fast. Because they can’t pay their pilots, their stewards, their stewardesses and their janitors. Hell, they can’t even pay for their fuel. As a result they can’t fly their planes, which is how they earn the money.

Having said that,  I must admit I was the first person to be sad on hearing this, because I kind of have a soft corner for the airline. For Kingfisher Airlines

1. Was the first to introduce a T.V on an Indian domestic flight and

2. Was single-handedly responsible for increasing the quality of air hostesses in Indian Aviation.

I used to love the…

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