Making an impact… I?

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to meet quite a few people, who have done extensive work in India. Some of these have worked with underprivileged communities, others with street children and still others with people effected by disaster. It humbles me– meeting these people and talking to them. Most of them speak fluent hindi, urdu or some other Indian language, such as Bengali. What humbles me most though, is the realization that they probably will have a greater impact than me. Its the realization that just talking is not enough, here are people who talk about the problems and then work towards finding solutions. They get their hands dirty, they don’t just look at the problem from an academic standpoint. What will be my contribution? So far, its probably negligible. I’ve always believed that we all have a part to play, we all have a distinct and mostly unique contribution to make…..but, is what I am doing enough of a contribution. A friend of mine recently wrote about something similar on her blog, its worth a read.

 Taking the leap, making impact, shaping the future. | urbdp598.

As for me, the jury is still out!

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